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E-Studyhouse.Co.,Ltd. released a comprehensive iOS application for SAT Math for free to promote mainly Asian students study abroad .This application will help Asian students to improve not only their Math skill but also their English skill effectively.

Japanese educational content creator and provider company, E-StudyHouse,.Co.Ltd., released iOS application "SAT Math Q" for promoting Asian students' study abroad.
SAT Math Q is an application designed to improve your SAT score and help you learn core mathematical concepts. SAT Math-Q comes with a large selection of questions for you to practice and improve upon. SAT Math-Q gives you instant feedback on your performance and identifies your weak points you need to focus on saving you valuable preparation time.
E-StudyHouse Co., Ltd is an independent educational content creator and provider company, and today we launched an effective new SAT Math quiz application called SAT Math Q. It is available exclusively on the App Store. SAT Math Q has educational content featuring 300+ questions, step by step solution for each question, a Review Box to overcome your weak points and Performance Analysis to track your improvement.

SAT Math-Q features:
High quality and large quantity
-Over 300 questions for all SAT math topics.
-High quality contents written by experienced Math tutors
Instant feedback with explanation
-Know the correct answer with a step-by-step solution for each question.
Effective study with a review box
-Store your weak points in a Review Box and solve problems over and over
Performance Analysis to track your improvement
-Track your improvement instantly with score and performance analysis.
Device Requirements:
iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Requires iOS 5.0 or later
This app is optimized for iPhone 4S and 5
13.1 MB
Pricing and Availability:
SAT Math-Q 1.01 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the Apple App Store in the Education category.
SAT Math-Q is Available on the App Store:
Please visit for more information.